Thank you for your support. We have concluded our 2019 summer season. However, the success of our future projects and the ability to produce quality programs still need to rely on your support—feel free to use the form below to continue to be part of our mission.

We need your support in sustaining this coming Summer Season 2019. We plan to raise NT$450,000 for the three concerts. Current progress: NT$199,073 / $450,000.

Current progress: 44.2%

(Figures updated 7/23/2019)

There are five tiers of recognition in our supporters program. We encourage you to sponsor us as a supporter of the Soloist Tier, Duet Tier, Quintet Tier, Chamber Orchestra Tier, or Symphony Orchestra Tier. According to your wishes, we will recognize you and/or a cause you support by listing on our website, social media accounts, and our printed materials.

On a limited budget, Chamber Philharmonic Taipei always strives to maximize every dollar in our budget. You have our promise that all of your generous support would be used to the highest efficiency possible. Our proposal, including a budget outline for this season, is available for download here. (Chinese only.)

CPT Sponsors

Wilbur & Tiffany Lin

Symphony Orchestra Tier

Reserved for our supporters.

Chamber Orchestra Tier

Anonymous “鏟屎官貓奴”

Quintet Tier

Anonymous “G”
Kevin & Melody
Jian-Ming Chiu

Duet Tier


Soloist Tier

Reserved for our supporters.

The easiest way to donate is through PayPal using your credit or debit card. We also accept bank-to-bank transfer (US or TW) or postal transfers (TW)—these methods help us save on transaction fees and allow your donation to be used more efficiently. If you prefer donating through transfers, please notify us using this form or click the message us button below to chat with us. We will provide transfer information directly.

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